Welcome to Truckee North Tahoe Junior Devo Cycling Team


TNT – Truckee/North Tahoe Junior Cycling Development Team:

In conjunction with the NICA teams will be the formation of Truckee/North Tahoe Junior Development Cycling Team, a 501c3 nonprofit. This team will allow for athletes from surrounding area/schools to be represented and race/train under TNT. We recommend all school/NICA athletes join TNT, as we will be able to train year-round as snowmelt provides rideable trails. This team embodies the same principals and same rider and coach requirements as NICA teams. TNT will also allow for athletes to participate in mountain bike disciplines other than NICA’s focus of cross-country. TNT will act as the umbrella nonprofit organization to raise money via donations, sponsorships and membership fees to help fund the middle and high school ASB club teams. Registration Fees for TNT is a $300.00 annual fee to help cover and offset coaching costs and getting licensing.

NICA Information


TNT was founded after discussions with Doug Bedient, President and founder of the newest NICA mountain bike league; the Nevada League. NICA stands for National Interscholastic Cycling Association and has leagues all over the country with a mission of getting more kids on bikes . The Nevada NICA League will be a fall league for both middle and high school levels with formal practices starting July 1st, 2017, with the allowance of a handful of informal practices before that. Races will be in the fall with the first one in late August. They are on Sundays, so schedules should work out with all the other Saturday sports running at that same time. The race schedule can be found on the NevadaMTB.org web site. Tentative Spring/Summer/Fall practice schedules will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday - more to come.  The focus of the Team will be on getting more kids on bikes in a fun, supportive, competitive atmosphere. Inclusivity is the key focus by building a strong mind, strong body, and strong character.

NICA Participation Requirements

All athletes will need to sign the waivers and pay $25 to join NICA and then pay a Nevada League fee ($25 middle school, $40 high school) to participate in the NICA Races. Waivers and additional requirements are obligatory prior to an athlete’s first practice. In addition, TTUSD will have specific waivers to sign, see the registration tab.

Brad Chisholm will manage all students and coaches. Please send an e-mail to Brad at bchisholm@rideontnt.org so he can send you an invitation to join NICA's Pitzone. (the invitation will come from NICA so keep an eye out for it).

TNT Team

Dylan Renn is our head coach and we are truly fortunate to have him as a leader for our teams. He has been a head coach for the NorCal League’s Marin Catholic High School team and is very familiar with the ins and outs of running a NICA team. He also had his own mountain bike coaching business called asingletrackmind.com and he runs youth and adult camps and skills clinics throughout the year.

Sara Krammen and Jessi Ernst heading up our Truckee High School and North Tahoe teams respectively. They will provide a key role for the high school students and help foster the team atmosphere. They are currently holding club meetings and deciding on leadership positions for the students. Sara and Jessi will also be a ride leaders/coaches to help with practices.

Justin Scharp, owner of Real Graphics, developed the TNT logo and will help provide graphic print material, posters and fliers. Thanks Justin!

The TNT Board is composed Ryan Solberg as President, Jessi Ernst as VP-North Tahoe, Brad Chisholm as Administrator/VP-Truckee, Brandon Broll as Treasurer, Marcy Thompson as Secretary, Jim Easterbrook as Community Liaison and Philip Hynes as Information Officer.

Registration is now OPEN!

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