TNT Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement:

To inspire the youth of the Truckee/North Tahoe area through mountain biking.



TNT will achieve its mission by using the mountain bike as a means for its members to sustain a healthy lifestyle; develop social and sportsmanship skills; build confidence as an individual and as an entity greater than one’s self; to understand and participate in advocacy and stewardship; appreciate the need and value in volunteer and civic work, to provide opportunity where it might not exist. TNT intends to help develop these assets in their members, to help them build a sense of character and ethic as adolescents with which to carry on into adult lives.


Values: (RECEIVE)

Respect: For one’s self, team, colleagues, coaches, parents, community

Educate: Use the mountain bike as a means to expose members to people and places, events and experiences

Challenge: Individuals and club set and achieve goals, improve and excel fitness, knowledge and ability, to understand and enjoy bike mechanics, to develop skills that will serve members as adolescents and as adults.

Empower: Members to pursue a lifestyle that is active and rewarding

Inspire: Curiosity, compassion and selflessness

Validate: The efforts, motivation, goals and needs of members

Enjoy: Adventure driven cycling  by controlling ego and fear