We're currently taking applications for Head Coach of Truckee-North Tahoe Junior Development Cycling Team. Read on for more details about the position -

Job Description

- TNT Head Coach -

Position Title:

Head Coach of Truckee-North Tahoe Junior Development Cycling Team.



➛ Mentor/coach youth riders ranging in ages from 10 to 18 years.

➛ Provide an enjoyable and safe mountain bike experience.

➛ Instruct in accordance with TNT Mission, Vision and Values, including the promotion of mountain bike skills, trails exploration, fitness, teamwork,  sportsmanship, goal setting and stewardship.

➛ Collaborate and Coordinate with TNT Board and Program Head Coaches (PHC).



Since the inception of TNT Jr. Cycling, the Board and Volunteers have developed and provided all of the below. These members will continue to work on all of the following, but will do so in coordination with the TNT Head Coach, who will act as the point person.

The TNT Head Coach will be responsible for, but not limited to:

1. Teach youth riders the fundamentals of mountain biking, with emphasis on safety, skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fun.

2. Mentor/coach those riders that wish to work on competitive and non-competitive goals.

3. Preside over team activities and work with TNT Board and PHC to develop an annual ride calendar to include team practices, adventure rides, and races.

4. Work with TNT Board and PHC to determine proper rider placement, appropriate trail selection, adequate coach/rider ratios.

5. Work with PHC to provide inclusivity and equal mentorship of all riders.

6. Promote and adhere to IMBA Rules of the Trail etiquette standards.

7. Understand the value in Lakers and VELOcity. Strive to provide a harmonious and collaborative relationship between TNT, Lakers and VELOcity.

8. Strive to attend TNT Board meetings and brief the Board on coaching status.

9. Provide updates and direction to coaches and arrange for coaches meetings as needed.

10. Develop a proficiency on Wix and TeamSnap. Work with TNT Board and PHC to communicate team information, schedules, events, etc. on website and TeamSnap.

11. Assist maintaining TNT website.

12. Adhere to team Inclement Weather Procedure and communicate when rides will be cancelled.

13. Work with TNT Board and PHC to arrange and participate in team meetings including coaches’ meeting, preseason/orientation, end of season outing.

14. Encourage and utilize TNT “Youth Coaches” as appropriate.

15. Coordinate with TNT Trail Steward Director to arrange and participate in TNT trail work day.

16. Provide coaching and mentor support at recognized venues including California Dirt Series, select California Enduro Series Mammouth Bar and Northstar), and Northstar Enduro Series.

17. Work with TNT Board and PHC to enforce coach/volunteer standards



➛ Minimum 25 years of age.

➛ Highly skilled mountain biker, high fitness level, race experience.

➛ Complete and pass background check as required by NICA.

➛ Submit to additional TNT background check/questionnaire upon request by TNT.

➛ Must be able to work productively and harmoniously with TNT Board, TNT coaches, parents, land managers, and agency representatives.

➛ Must have the desire to work with youth and exude enthusiasm and positive spirit. Exhibit patience, maturity and dependability. Recognized by others of sound character and decision making as well as strong moral values, personal ethics and honesty.

➛ Detailed knowledge of local and regional mountain bike trails.

➛ Current Wilderness First Responder, or equivalent, and CPR licenses.

➛ Dependable transportation and valid driver license.

➛ Knowledge of bike mechanics including trail side fixes.



Submit to an annual review with TNT Board. Items may include surveying riders, parents, coaches and others with whom the Head Coach interacts. Periodically brief TNT Board on how things are going and how they can be improved, as well as provide ideas on how the TNT Board can support the Head Coach to benefit the team. The TNT Board wants to ensure you have the resources necessary to meet all of your team and coaching goals.


Time Commitment:

➛ On the bike involvement*:

In general, from mid-April through mid-June 30th is one Sunday and one weekday afternoon per week. After school is out we taper off slightly to two Sunday adventure rides per month and one weekday morning ride per week through July. Then tapering more, Aug-Oct, no more weekday rides and only one Sunday adventure ride per month.   


- March: 23 - April 14: One weekend day/week until Sea Otter weekend of April 14.

- California Dirt Series dates will act in place of weekend ride (4/14, 5/5, 5/25, 6/23, 7/7).

- Northstar will be our weekday ride venue following Memorial Day.

(* = or ensure adequate coaching; adventure ride = full day/destination)

➛ Pre-season administrative involvement: Coaches’ meeting, orientation meeting, planning, scheduling, webpage development/input.



Volunteers are the foundation of TNT Junior Cycling. A main component of the Head Coach position is assist TNT Volunteers and to facilitate their involvement. We have developed an extensive list of coaches and providing them with structure and guidance is critical.  

The future of mountain biking and stewardship falls on today’s youth. TNT coaches aim to educate and empower our youth riders to be ambassadors of this great sport and help them to discover friendships, health and a life-long passion of cycling.



TNT Head Coach will be compensated $5,000 per season. In certain circumstances, personal expenses will be covered by TNT (either by reimbursement or advances) upon advanced approval from TNT President, or his designee.


Application Process:

Applicants are to submit a resume, including licenses noted above in “Qualifications,” and two references with contact information. Please submit by means of a PDF email to tntjrcycling@gmail.com by February 20, 2018. Finalists will be notified by February 26th, and interviews will be conducted the evening of March 8th. A job offer will be made March 9th, contingent upon successful background check.


Please send all questions to tntjrcycling@gmail.com


TNT will support efforts to obtain upper level coach certifications and related career development.


Thank you!

TNT Board of Directors