Our Devo program is generally best suited for younger and/or entry level riders, but can be appropriate for any rider seeking to build their confidence level. We expect all riders to enter the Devo Team being comfortable on the bike, but we’ll work to advance that comfort level and develop abilities on a variety of trails.


We focus on working with both individuals and in groups to advance skills (cornering, descending, climbing, braking, gear selection, body position), building endurance, reading terrain & features. For those with interest, we'll spend time on setting up and maintaining their bike and equipment (seat height, tire pressure, suspension, brake levers, helmet fit, protective gear, etc.).


There is no upper age limit, but we do consider 5th grade to be a minimum. However, we know there is a lot of diversity at that age, so if a younger rider believes they’ve got what it takes and feels prepared for the team, we will consider such requests on a case by case basis. 

A few trails and rides the Devo Program will feature: Emigrant Trail, Miracle Mile (Tahoe Donner), Jackass Ridge, Sawtooth Ridge


Program Coaches: TBD

Program Pricing & Inclusions: $75 annually - includes 1 weekly coached ride (from late spring/early summer through the fall  -weather-permitting) & a TNT T-shirt