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TNT JDCT Guidelines


  1. Volunteer involvement:

    1. TNT is critically dependent on volunteers to successfully meet the team’s mission, as well as the desires and abilities of the riders.

    2. TNT is governed by a seven member, all volunteer Board.

    3. No one will be appointed or elected to the Board who the current Board majority feels has a conflict of interest with TNT or its affiliated teams.

    4. No member of TNT will use TNT to promote themselves for social, professional or financial gain other than what would be viewed as appreciation for work and effort performed by an individual. An example of this would be providing a link on TNT website at times when the individual's affiliation with TNT is mentioned; allowing a company emblem/advertising on a vehicle donated/provided by an individual for TNT team use.  

    5. Volunteers are sought after to lead a variety of important team roles: Examples:

      1. Board Members

      2. Volunteers Coordinator

      3. Trail Stewardship Coordinator

      4. Social Media Coordinator

      5. Apparel Coordinator

      6. Fundraising Activities Coordinator

      7. Bike Shop Liaison/Coordinator

      8. Sponsor/Donor Coordinator

      9. Team Parent

  2. Team Requirements

    1. Everyone involved as a Coach with TNT, and its affiliated teams, must have a minimum of a current NICA Level I Coach certification.

    2. Any parent, sibling, age appropriate friend, or prospective Coach or team member, may participate on one observation ride with TNT. After this, they must meet item 2.1. This is for liability reasons.

    3. Any parent, sibling, age appropriate friend, or prospective coach, participating in an observation ride (item 2.2), must provide a  completed and signed TNT Waiver to the ride in which they will be participating. This waiver must be presented to the Coach before being allowed to participate. This is for liability reasons.

    4. Anyone on an observation ride must arrive with all equipment and supplies necessary to safely and effectively complete the ride. It is the responsibility of this person to be familiar with the ride and determine the appropriate level of preparedness. Approval of such participation is he coach's decision.

  3. TNT Riders:

    1. TNT team members must be fully and currently registered with TNT. Including:

      1. TNT Registration

      2. Team Waivers

      3. Medical Waiver

      4. TeamSnap

      5. Athlete Profile

  4. NICA/Nevada League Riders:

    1. Riders participating on Truckee VELOcity or North Tahoe Lakers are participating under NICA and the Nevada League and therefore must be fully and currently registered with the NICA PitZone.

    2. All VELOcity and Lakers members will ride and participate on the team according to the mandates outlined by NICA, TTUSD ASB Club Teams, and TNT.

  5. Shop Discounts

    1. Local bike shops offer varying discounts to TNT members. (some offer the same or a similar discount to Team Coaches.) To be eligible for a shop discount, the TNT member or Coach must be fully and currently registered with TNT or NICA.

    2. Any qualified member may inquire at the shop of their choice. However, the qualified member must be knowledgeable of the discount and parameters adhere set by the individual shops, and TNT if any, prior to visiting the shop.

    3. The shop owner, manager or employee reserves the right to deny their offer at any time for any reason with no advanced notice.

    4. Members must be a positive representation of TNT. They must be respectful, patient and grateful when visiting shops.

    5. Discounts are intended to be offered only on items specific to cycling. The definition of this is determined by the individual shop personnel. See 5.3.

    6. TNT members are encouraged to help market and promote the shop(s) whenever able and reasonable.

  6. Rider Requirements:

    1. All TNT members will ride and participate on the team according to the TNT Code of Conduct.

    2. Adherence to item 4.2.


  • Ride Predictably. When riding with others always ride in a straight, steady, controlled and predictable manner. 

  • Wear a Helmet at All Times. Under no circumstances should you be on your bike without a helmet fastened to your head, during practice or at races.  If your leg is over bike, your helmet is buckled on your head.

  • Always Yield. Even if at times it seems inconvenient. Being sensitive to how others perceive you will assure a positive image for your sport and minimize the restrictions that follow confrontations and negative encounters. Remember that bicycles in the back country can be an unwelcome experience for horses and hikers. Yield to uphill riders when riding down a trail.

  • Pass with Care. Always be kind and polite. Go very SLOW – go slow enough to say ‘hello’, and for other trail users to say ‘hello’ back. Always stop at a reasonable distance and ask for passing instructions from horse riders. Horses can be easily spooked by bicycles and must be respected.

  • Stay on Trails. Riding off the designated trail may be damaging of soil and ecosystems. Never cut switchbacks as this accelerates erosion. Beware the types of soil you are riding on. Be conscientious of the type and condition of the soils you are riding on. Do not widen existing trails to avoid mud; ride or walk through deep mud sections and puddles.

  • Ride Only on Authorized Trails. Check with local authorities regarding open trails and conditions, and with landowners regarding private land access. Stay off trails that are closed to bicycles. Be aware that bicycles are not permitted in areas protected as state or federal Wilderness.

  • Control Your Speed. Safe speeds are relative to terrain, line of site, and your experience as a rider. Be able to stop safely without skidding in the distance that you can see ahead. Approach switchbacks and turns in anticipation of someone coming around the bend, and adhere to posted speed limits.

  • Riding aggressively is acceptable; riding recklessly is not.

  • Respect Wildlife and Livestock. Do not frighten animals. Close gates as you pass through, unless it appears obvious that they have been intentionally left open.

  • Do Not Litter. Pack out what you pack in. Make every effort to pick up other people’s trash.

  • Be Prepared. You should be prepared to fix basic bicycle mechanicals such as flat tires, chain breaks, and conduct simple bike adjustments. Carry and know how to use basic tools, including tire levers, a spare tube, and inflation device. Expect weather changes and dress appropriately.

  • Plan Ahead. Leave word where you plan to go, when you plan to return, and follow your plan.

  • Minimize Impacts. Bring back pictures and memories only.

  • No controlled substance or products will be tolerated without proper prescription and/or age. Use of any tobacco, smoke or vaporization products will not be permitted. No alcohol will be permitted on TNT rides. 

  • Follow TNT Rules and Guidelines.



  • I will always ride within my ability and not take dangerous risks

  • I will always wear appropriate safety gear: I will never ride without a helmet. • I will wear proper gloves and clothing. • I will wear protective eyewear

  • I will check my brakes and bike condition before each ride: I will not ride an unsafe bicycle.

  • I will never ride alone in isolated areas

  • I will always let someone know where I am riding, when I plan to return, and stick to the plan.

  • I will bring proper hydration and nutrition on every ride.

  • I will bring appropriate tools and parts, such as a spare tube or patch kit, tire levers, and inflation device.

  • I will not ride terrain or at speeds which are unsafe or beyond my technical ability.

  • I will not ride in unsafe conditions: Excessive exposure to drops and falls. • Unsafe weather conditions such as lightning, flash floods, extreme heat or cold. On washed-out trails.


  • Regarding others, I will respect my teammates, competitors, and other people on the trail: I will (mostly) never trash talk, insult or use inappropriate language while on a mountain bike. I will move aside to allow safe passing when a faster competitor is moving by me. When passing from behind I will announce my presence and intention and specify passing side. I will always do my best when racing whether I am ahead or behind as a sign of respect to my competitors and myself. I will always ride with courtesy, whether racing or training. I will provide appropriate safe spacing between myself and cyclists and their bikes.

  • I will follow the rules of right of way: Stop or slow down when approaching an equestrian, hiker or dog walker. Provide right of way to pedestrians and equestrians.Stop and ask for passing instructions from equestrians. I should never pass a horse without the horserider knowing I’m there and having given permission to pass.

  • Regarding trails, I will respect the land: I will never litter or leave trash on the trail. I will ride only on designated and legal trails and routes. I will pick up trash whenever possible when riding. I will learn to brake correctly to minimize trail erosion. I will not ride on trails when the weather and surface conditions will cause damage. I will not build trails without full permission and permits from the land owner/manager.

  • Banned Substances*

  • I understand that the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (list of banned substances available at U.S. Anti Doping website) is not tolerated at any TNT event.

  • I understand and will follow the TNT Rules and Guidelines. I also understand that failure to do so may lead to my suspension or expulsion from League activities.

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