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You'll find a wealth of valuable information on this page, including links to registration, waivers, FAQs, newsletters, guidelines, our outreach and stewardship programs, and sponsorship



Thanks for your interest in one of our junior development programs. 

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TNT is proud to encourage and support its athletes who participate at competitive cycling events outside of NICA and to further exposure for our sponsors. If you are interested in learning about the race reimbursement program, 

You can submit your race reimbursement request using this form here (please make a copy for yourself and email it to us (

Our aim is to make cycling accessible to everyone in the communities that we serve. We are proud to offer financial assistance for a few spots on our team and invite potential members to explore this option as needed. This sponsorship program would not be possible without the generosity and support of our team sponsors and members of the community that have expressed interest in supporting our mission of getting more kids on bikes.


If you are interested in having you child participate with the TNT Junior Development Cycling Team and are seeking financial assistance, please complete an application and email it to us (

Conversely, if you are interested in supporting our program with a financial or equipment resource contribution, please send an email to

Athlete Sponsorship
Ride Philosophy


While TNT has a mission aimed at developing youth through cycling, the first and foremost regard of the team is for the safety and well being of all participants. This is not taken lightly and is not limited to just our riders and coaches, but also includes parents, other trail users/recreationalists and trail workers that we encounter.


TNT has highly qualified coaches who appreciate the inherent safety challenges associated with biking. While these individuals may be volunteers for TNT, many have professions and passions that afford them exceptional backcountry experience including familiarity, travel, personal and group safety, care and coordination as well as EMS/first responder skills and knowledge. Through generous donations/contributions (financial and time), our coaches (TNT, VELOcity and Lakers) are WFR trained, equipped with first-aid kits and two-way radios. All coaches also carry personal mobile phones as well as an assortment of tools and supplies. Many coaches have extensive/professional bike mechanic experience and are exceptionally well versed in providing trail side fixes.


In addition to being well prepared, decision making is also a critical safety component. For the sake of decision making when it comes to choosing what rides to offer, efforts are always made to consider safety, purpose, access, weather, time, enjoyability and overall appropriateness. If the decision is made to ride a trail, what we are really stating is that we are riding in a certain area or trail network rather than a specific trail. The coaches are entitled to consider the situation on the ground and make certain "game time decisions." As with any activity, and those that involve backcountry certainly notwithstanding, while important to make overarching decisions in advance, some decisions might arise when on the bike, on the trail or at an intersection. It is important to be fluid in this regard - is another section of a trail more appropriate; what is the group dynamic; is the trail passable; is there trail work or other user groups on the trail? To limit this would be to greatly minimize our efforts to provide an opportunity for our riders to develop, appreciate and explore from the seat of a bike as well as could likely add to safety challenges.


A fall, flat, or mechanical, a pause to appreciate wildlife or the natural environment, or taking time to clinic a particular section of trail are all factored into the proposed time frame. In reality these are impossible to predict and we apologize for the delays getting to or from rides. With such unforeseen events, we try to make it a learning experience for all involved and consider it an important part of the development of our riders' competence, awareness and savvy in the backcountry.


There have been requests of on-ride updates and notifications. We appreciate the concern and need for info, but we are reluctant to commit to something we might not be able to meet. If we find our times to be significantly compromised, we will attempt to post a notice on TeamSnap. The concern is that parents get conditioned to receiving such notices and when they don't (no service, etc.) it compounds the issue.     


We are very appreciative of the support of the TNT community. We understand that we are entrusted to make good decisions on behalf of your child when they are with us. We are very open to comments and suggestion -critical, constructive or of concern- and make an effort to entertain them all. Coaches are approachable before and after rides, board members emails and phone numbers are no secret, and we have monthly scheduled board meetings. Any one of these would be a welcome means to communicate your thoughts with us and afford the opportunity for a constructive conversation.   

Outreah & Stewardship


Because every trail starts with a shovel.

A component of our TNT programs is to educate our riders on the importance of trail stewardship. Through the careful and responsible management of our trails, cyclists gain a better appreciation of the efforts and initiatives that go into preserving and expanding access to singletrack. We have partnered with the Truckee Trails Foundation and the Tahoe Donner Land Trust in order to provide our riders knowledge, tools and stewardship opportunities to maintain and develop new trails in the greater Truckee/North Lake Tahoe area.

Check out our events page to see when the next trail day or stewardship event is taking place. If you have ideas or are interested in finding out more regarding our outreach & stewardship program, please contact us.

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