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Thanks for your interest in one of our junior development programs. After reviewing the offered programs and deciding which is best suited to your needs and interests, a few steps must be taken before participants are official members of the team. Please complete the tasks listed below and a member from our organization will follow up to confirm that all information is complete and to welcome you to the team.


STEP ONE: Register for your desired program:    DEVO   |   SPORT   |   ELITE

STEP TWO: Complete a TNT Athlete Profile

STEP THREE: Complete a Medical Consent / Release




You can come out and join us for a non-commitment trial ride if you're unsure whether or not TNT is the right program for you. Have a look at the site to determine which ride you'll attend (Devo, Sport or Elite) and join us at the trailhead. All we need is for the parent or guardian to FILL OUT THIS WAIVER IN ADVANCE. 

If you are interested in registering with a North Tahoe NICA team, additional steps and dues are required. Please contact either Phil Hynes for Truckee VELOcity ( or Jessi Ernst for North Tahoe Lakers (


TNT is proud to encourage and support its athletes who participate at competitive cycling events and to further exposure for our sponsors. If you are interested in learning about the race reimbursement program, details can be found here.


Our aim is to make cycling accessible to everyone in the communities that we serve. We are proud to offer financial assistance for a few spots on our team and invite potential members to explore this option as needed. This sponsorship program would not be possible without the generosity and support of our team sponsors and members of the community that have expressed interest in supporting our mission of getting more kids on bikes.


If you are interested in having you child participate with the TNT Junior Development Cycling Team and are seeking financial assistance, please complete an application and email it to Phil Hynes (

Conversely, if you are interested in supporting our program with a financial or equipment resource contribution, please send an email to Phil Hynes (




TNT JDCT Guidelines


  1. Volunteer involvement:

    1. TNT is critically dependent on volunteers to successfully meet the team’s mission, as well as the desires and abilities of the riders.

    2. TNT is governed by a seven member, all volunteer Board.

    3. No one will be appointed or elected to the Board who the current Board majority feels has a conflict of interest with TNT or its affiliated teams.

    4. No member of TNT will use TNT to promote themselves for social, professional or financial gain other than what would be viewed as appreciation for work and effort performed by an individual. An example of this would be providing a link on TNT website at times when the individual's affiliation with TNT is mentioned; allowing a company emblem/advertising on a vehicle donated/provided by an individual for TNT team use.  

    5. Volunteers are sought after to lead a variety of important team roles: Examples:

      1. Board Members

      2. Volunteers Coordinator

      3. Trail Stewardship Coordinator

      4. Social Media Coordinator

      5. Apparel Coordinator

      6. Fundraising Activities Coordinator

      7. Bike Shop Liaison/Coordinator

      8. Sponsor/Donor Coordinator

      9. Team Parent

  2. Team Requirements

    1. Everyone involved as a Coach with TNT, and its affiliated teams, must have a minimum of a current NICA Level I Coach certification.

    2. Any parent, sibling, age appropriate friend, or prospective Coach or team member, may participate on one observation ride with TNT. After this, they must meet item 2.1. This is for liability reasons.

    3. Anyone parent, sibling, age appropriate friend, or prospective coach, participating in an observation ride (item 2.2), must provide a  completed and signed TNT Waiver to the ride in which they will be participating. This waiver must be presented to the Coach before being allowed to participate. This is for liability reasons.

    4. Anyone on an observation ride must arrive with all equipment and supplies necessary to safely and effectively complete the ride. It is the responsibility of this person to be familiar with the ride and determine the appropriate level of preparedness. Approval of such participation is he coach's decision.

  3. TNT Riders:

    1. TNT team members must be fully and currently registered with TNT. Including:

      1. TNT Registration

      2. Team Waivers

      3. Medical Waiver

      4. TeamSnap

      5. Athlete Profile

  4. NICA/Nevada League Riders:

    1. Riders participating on Truckee VELOcity or North Tahoe Lakers are participating under NICA and the Nevada League and therefore must be fully and currently registered with the NICA PitZone.

    2. All VELOcity and Lakers members will ride and participate on the team according to the mandates outlined by NICA, TTUSD ASB Club Teams, and TNT.

  5. Shop Discounts

    1. Local bike shops offer varying discounts to TNT members. (some offer the same or a similar discount to Team Coaches.) To be eligible for a shop discount, the TNT member or Coach must be fully and currently registered with TNT or NICA.

    2. Any qualified member may inquire at the shop of their choice. However, the qualified member must be knowledgeable of the discount and parameters adhere set by the individual shops, and TNT if any, prior to visiting the shop.

    3. The shop owner, manager or employee reserves the right to deny their offer at any time for any reason with no advanced notice.

    4. Members must be a positive representation of TNT. They must be respectful, patient and grateful when visiting shops.

    5. Discounts are intended to be offered only on items specific to cycling. The definition of this is determined by the individual shop personnel. See 5.3.

    6. TNT members are encouraged to help market and promote the shop(s) whenever able and reasonable.

  6. Rider Requirements:

    1. All TNT members will ride and participate on the team according to the TNT Code of Conduct.

    2. Adherence to item 4.2.


  • Ride Predictably. When riding with others always ride in a straight, steady, controlled and predictable manner. 

  • Wear a Helmet at All Times. Under no circumstances should you be on your bike without a helmet fastened to your head, during practice or at races.  If your leg is over bike, your helmet is buckled on your head.

  • Always Yield. Even if at times it seems inconvenient. Being sensitive to how others perceive you will assure a positive image for your sport and minimize the restrictions that follow confrontations and negative encounters. Remember that bicycles in the back country can be an unwelcome experience for horses and hikers. Yield to uphill riders when riding down a trail.

  • Pass with Care. Always be kind and polite. Go very SLOW – go slow enough to say ‘hello’, and for other trail users to say ‘hello’ back. Always stop at a reasonable distance and ask for passing instructions from horse riders. Horses can be easily spooked by bicycles and must be respected.

  • Stay on Trails. Riding off the designated trail may be damaging of soil and ecosystems. Never cut switchbacks as this accelerates erosion. Beware the types of soil you are riding on. Be conscientious of the type and condition of the soils you are riding on. Do not widen existing trails to avoid mud; ride or walk through deep mud sections and puddles.

  • Ride Only on Authorized Trails. Check with local authorities regarding open trails and conditions, and with landowners regarding private land access. Stay off trails that are closed to bicycles. Be aware that bicycles are not permitted in areas protected as state or federal Wilderness.

  • Control Your Speed. Safe speeds are relative to terrain, line of site, and your experience as a rider. Be able to stop safely without skidding in the distance that you can see ahead. Approach switchbacks and turns in anticipation of someone coming around the bend, and adhere to posted speed limits.

  • Riding aggressively is acceptable; riding recklessly is not.

  • Respect Wildlife and Livestock. Do not frighten animals. Close gates as you pass through, unless it appears obvious that they have been intentionally left open.

  • Do Not Litter. Pack out what you pack in. Make every effort to pick up other people’s trash.

  • Be Prepared. You should be prepared to fix basic bicycle mechanicals such as flat tires, chain breaks, and conduct simple bike adjustments. Carry and know how to use basic tools, including tire levers, a spare tube, and inflation device. Expect weather changes and dress appropriately.

  • Plan Ahead. Leave word where you plan to go, when you plan to return, and follow your plan.

  • Minimize Impacts. Bring back pictures and memories only.

  • No controlled substance or products will be tolerated without proper prescription and/or age. Use of any tobacco, smoke or vaporization products will not be permitted. No alcohol will be permitted on TNT rides. 

  • Follow TNT Rules and Guidelines.




  • I will always ride within my ability and not take dangerous risks

  • I will always wear appropriate safety gear: I will never ride without a helmet. • I will wear proper gloves and clothing. • I will wear protective eyewear

  • I will check my brakes and bike condition before each ride: I will not ride an unsafe bicycle.

  • I will never ride alone in isolated areas

  • I will always let someone know where I am riding, when I plan to return, and stick to the plan.

  • I will bring proper hydration and nutrition on every ride.

  • I will bring appropriate tools and parts, such as a spare tube or patch kit, tire levers, and inflation device.

  • I will not ride terrain or at speeds which are unsafe or beyond my technical ability.

  • I will not ride in unsafe conditions: Excessive exposure to drops and falls. • Unsafe weather conditions such as lightning, flash floods, extreme heat or cold. On washed-out trails.


  • Regarding others, I will respect my teammates, competitors, and other people on the trail: I will (mostly) never trash talk, insult or use inappropriate language while on a mountain bike. I will move aside to allow safe passing when a faster competitor is moving by me. When passing from behind I will announce my presence and intention and specify passing side. I will always do my best when racing whether I am ahead or behind as a sign of respect to my competitors and myself. I will always ride with courtesy, whether racing or training. I will provide appropriate safe spacing between myself and cyclists and their bikes.

  • I will follow the rules of right of way: Stop or slow down when approaching an equestrian, hiker or dog walker. Provide right of way to pedestrians and equestrians.Stop and ask for passing instructions from equestrians. I should never pass a horse without the horserider knowing I’m there and having given permission to pass.

  • Regarding trails, I will respect the land: I will never litter or leave trash on the trail. I will ride only on designated and legal trails and routes. I will pick up trash whenever possible when riding. I will learn to brake correctly to minimize trail erosion. I will not ride on trails when the weather and surface conditions will cause damage. I will not build trails without full permission and permits from the land owner/manager.

  • Banned Substances*

  • I understand that the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (list of banned substances available at U.S. Anti Doping website) is not tolerated at any TNT event.

  • I understand and will follow the TNT Rules and Guidelines. I also understand that failure to do so may lead to my suspension or expulsion from League activities.

While TNT has a mission aimed at developing youth through cycling, the first and foremost regard of the team is for the safety and well being of all participants. This is not taken lightly and is not limited to just our riders and coaches, but also includes parents, other trail users/recreationalists and trail workers that we encounter.


TNT has highly qualified coaches who appreciate the inherent safety challenges associated with biking. While these individuals may be volunteers for TNT, many have professions and passions that afford them exceptional backcountry experience including familiarity, travel, personal and group safety, care and coordination as well as EMS/first responder skills and knowledge. Through generous donations/contributions (financial and time), our coaches (TNT, VELOcity and Lakers) are WFR trained, equipped with first-aid kits and two-way radios. All coaches also carry personal mobile phones as well as an assortment of tools and supplies. Many coaches have extensive/professional bike mechanic experience and are exceptionally well versed in providing trail side fixes.


In addition to being well prepared, decision making is also a critical safety component. For the sake of decision making when it comes to choosing what rides to offer, efforts are always made to consider safety, purpose, access, weather, time, enjoyability and overall appropriateness. If the decision is made to ride a trail, what we are really stating is that we are riding in a certain area or trail network rather than a specific trail. The coaches are entitled to consider the situation on the ground and make certain "game time decisions." As with any activity, and those that involve backcountry certainly notwithstanding, while important to make overarching decisions in advance, some decisions might arise when on the bike, on the trail or at an intersection. It is important to be fluid in this regard - is another section of a trail more appropriate; what is the group dynamic; is the trail passable; is there trail work or other user groups on the trail? To limit this would be to greatly minimize our efforts to provide an opportunity for our riders to develop, appreciate and explore from the seat of a bike as well as could likely add to safety challenges.


A fall, flat, or mechanical, a pause to appreciate wildlife or the natural environment, or taking time to clinic a particular section of trail are all factored into the proposed time frame. In reality these are impossible to predict and we apologize for the delays getting to or from rides. With such unforeseen events, we try to make it a learning experience for all involved and consider it an important part of the development of our riders' competence, awareness and savvy in the backcountry.


There have been requests of on-ride updates and notifications. We appreciate the concern and need for info, but we are reluctant to commit to something we might not be able to meet. If we find our times to be significantly compromised, we will attempt to post a notice on TeamSnap. The concern is that parents get conditioned to receiving such notices and when they don't (no service, etc.) it compounds the issue.     


We are very appreciative of the support of the TNT community. We understand that we are entrusted to make good decisions on behalf of your child when they are with us. We are very open to comments and suggestion -critical, constructive or of concern- and make an effort to entertain them all. Coaches are approachable before and after rides, board members emails and phone numbers are no secret, and we have monthly scheduled board meetings. Any one of these would be a welcome means to communicate your thoughts with us and afford the opportunity for a constructive conversation.   




Because every trail starts with a shovel.

A component of our TNT programs is to educate our riders on the importance of trail stewardship. Through the careful and responsible management of our trails, cyclists gain a better appreciation of the efforts and initiatives that go into preserving and expanding access to singletrack. We have partnered with the Truckee Trails Foundation and the Tahoe Donner Land Trust in order to provide our riders knowledge, tools and stewardship opportunities to maintain and develop new trails in the greater Truckee/North Lake Tahoe area.

Check out our events page to see when the next trail day or stewardship event is taking place. If you have ideas or are interested in finding out more regarding our outreach & stewardship program, please contact Nate Hanson (


FAQS (frequently asked questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TNT?

    • Founded in 2015, TNT Junior Development Cycling Team is a local non-profit (501c3) organization that supports and promotes youth cycling in the Truckee/North Tahoe area.

    • We organize rides and training, offer coach support at events, secure funding from sponsors and donors and involve our riders in trail stewardship and advocacy.

    • TNT is all about getting kids out on bikes, exploring and appreciating trails and the natural environment, hanging with friends, getting in shape and having a good, productive, and healthy time doing it. We adhere to progressive and inclusive Values and Mission Statement, both of which can be found on our website... > About Us

  • How is the TNT program Structured?

  • >TNT has a three Team Programs...

    • Devo Team: Generally for younger riders, but is intended to be for any rider building their confidence level. Devo coaches: Jon Mitchell and Jim Easterbrook.

    • Sport Team: For any rider looking to develop skills, confidence and endurance. This team is for competent riders who want to adventure and advance, but are not necessarily interested in competing.

    • Elite Team: For riders interested in maintaining a high level of skill and fitness, and in racing. Comp team will have coach/equipment support at various events and coaches are available to help develop fitness programs. Elite Team coaches: Rich Maile, Sarah Krammen and Phil Hynes. 

  • What is TNT’s Schedule?

  • >TNT is a seasonal program. Our biggest hurdle is limited trail access dby trail access; our season is essentially what the trails allow. We begin in the Spring, and ride through the Fall. We may offer a couple of rides at lower elevations during the winter months.

    • Devo Team rides Wednesday 4-6pm.

    • Sport Team rides Sunday mornings, and Wednesdays 4-6pm, until school is out, and then Sun and Wed mornings, as well as Adventure Rides.

    • Elite Team rides Sunday mornings, and Wednesdays 4-6pm, until school is out, and then Sun and Wed mornings, as well as Adventure Rides.

  • What is an Adventure Ride?

  • Adventure Rides are awesome! They are offered at least one Sunday a month and are often full day outings. Rides vary but are typically shuttled with actual riding time of 3-5 hours. These rides range from coveted local trails to renowned trails in the greater area - Downieville, Quincy, Nevada City, South Tahoe, Incline, etc. Occasionally we look for transportation help from parents, otherwise a minimal fee (under $20) per rider to offset fuel/wear and tear on our coaches’ vehicles may be requested.

  • Do TNT riders Race?

    • Yes. The Elite Team is geared for riders who wish to compete in XC and/or Enduro events. We currently participate in the California Dirt Series and select California Enduro Series events. Many TNT riders will also choose to compete in the NICA's Nevada League  race series as well. Depending on logistics, TNT tries to offer trailer and tool support to NICA events as well.

  • What is California Dirt Series (CDS)?

    • CES is a series of five races. Four of these are local (Nevada City to Susanville)​ and will be supported by TNT. The fifth, is an early season event is Monterrey and is not TNT supported. See for more info.

  • What is Enduro and the California Enduro Series (CES)?

    • Enduro is a discipline that evolved out of the advancement on bike technology. Modern bikes are designed so well that a bike that climbs well can now descend exceptionally well too. Enduro Riding, as with Enduro Racing, is essentially riding to a high point on a trail in a fairly casual manner; the descent is when the racing starts.

    • Enduro racing has become an immensely popular mtb discipline with events ranging from the small, local series to State, National and World Enduro Series. 2019 will see EWS in our own backyard of Northstar!

    • The California Enduro Series (CES) is a for-riders, by-riders operation. The goal is to create enduro events where everyone from amateurs to pros can enjoy enduro racing in amazing locations in California. See

    • TNT assess the interest in CES events and plan accordingly.

  • Why Join TNT?

    • TNT offers structured rides nearly six months a year.

    • We have certified and educated coaches who are NICA certified, participate in coaches clinics instructed by top ranked mtb instructors, and are intimately familiar with the local/regional trails. Our coaches’ EMS credential’s include First Aid, CPR, WFR, EMT, Paramedic and are equipped with first-aid kits and radios.

    • We offer our riders skills sessions with top ranked mtb instructors.

    • We enjoy a diversity of rides, locations and events that are suitable for all riders’ ages and abilities, including Adventure Rides to some of the best trails in all the land!  

    • Our registration fees are kept very modest due to support of our sponsors and volunteer coaches. Members are afforded generous discounts at all the bike shops in our area and we issue shirts and hats with registration.

    • TNT provides coach, trailer and equipment support.

    • We educate our riders on the natural history of our area, participate in trail stewardship, and aim develop young adults with strong minds and bodies.

  • What is NICA / Nevada League and how do they relate to VELOcity and Lakers?

    • National Interscholastic Cycling Association ( is a national organization with hundreds of teams in over 30 states.

    • Each team falls under a league - our local is the Nevada League (, includes 14 teams ranging from Truckee and Tahoe, to Reno and Galena, down to Carson City and Mammoth Lakes.

    • Because this is an interscholastic organization, each team is affiliated with a school as a “club” team. VELOCity is specific to Truckee (ACMS and THS) and Lakers to North Tahoe (NTHS and NTMS).

    • These teams ride July-October.

  • What is the composition of TNT’s Governing Body?

    • TNT is governed by a diverse, seven member, all volunteer Board.

    • TNT is a non-profit (501c3) organization!

    • TNT has a Head Coach and Program Coaches and many “Worker Bee” Coaches!

    • On occasion, TNT contracts with specialists to instruct coach and rider clinics.

  • What Fees are associated with TNT?

    • TNT’s fee structure is consistent with the Team Divisions:

      • Devo: $75

      • Sport: $175

      • Elite: $175

    • There are occasionally minimal fees (under $20) associated with adventure rides to offset use of coaches commercial van.

  • How do I Register for TNT?

    • Go to > Resources > scroll down to New To The Program where you will see registration Steps 1 - Step 5.

  • From where does the Funding for TNT durable items come?

    • TNT has been very fortunate to have individuals, families, organizations and businesses that have become team sponsors, or directly donated time, product and/or financial resources. This generosity allow us to provide goods for the team. Such items include: first aid kits, two way radios, tools, stands, gas grill, pop-up tents, banners, utility trailer, stickers, flyers/posters, etc.

  • How do I Register for Truckee VELOcity or North Tahoe Lakers?

    • If you are riding for Truckee VELOcity or North Tahoe Lakers, you will need to register with NICA. All NICA/Nevada League teams/participants require an invitation to register through NICA’s Pit Zone. This invitation will be issued from the Team Manager - for VELOcity please contact Phil Hynes and for Lakers please contact Jessi Ernst.

    • NOTE: The registration invitation will come from NICA.

  • What does the TNT Registration Fee go towards?

    • TNT registration goes directly to providing assets from which the riders specifically benefit in the same year that registration was paid. Examples of this include training and clinics; team and coach licensing and registration; coaches expenses; transportation costs for adventure rides; rider apparel; rider support program.

  • What is TNT Rider Support Program?

    • TNT will cover $200 worth of race expenses for our riders who participate in TNT supported races wearing TNT jersey, take a photo and submit an application for reimbursement. 

  • What are the TNT Coaches Qualifications?

    • Every TNT Coach is, at a minimum, NICA Level I certified. This certification includes concussion testing, background check, and risk management training. Visit NICA’s Coach License Program for details.

    • We have certified and educated coaches who, in addition to being NICA certified, participate in coaches clinics instructed by top ranked mtb instructors, and are intimately familiar with the local/regional trails. Our coaches’ EMS credentials range from First Aid, CPR, WFR, EMT and Paramedic. We offer coach incentives and equip them with first-aid kits and radios.

    • Many of our coaches coach other youth sports, are involved with ski patrol, are bike mechanics, race mountain bikes, are EMS instructors, and some even own/operate their own expedition and instruction outfits.

  • What type of Rides does TNT go on?

    • All sorts of rides! We tailor our rides to our three Team Programs (Devo, Sport, Elite), but that isn’t to say those teams don’t often ride the same trails.

    • Our traditional rides are in the Truckee and North Tahoe area, ranging from USFS land, private property, nordic and downhill ski areas, open space and state parks. These rides afford our riders everything from simple, smooth single track, to fast fire roads; from dense forested trails to sweeping 360 views of peaks, lakes and valleys; from sweet decomposed granite, fresh loam or tacky clay trails, to rugged granite, basalt and shale routes.

    • Every trail we ride is intended to be challenging, yet reasonable, safe, picturesque and FUN!!

  • Is TNT a Co-Ed team?

    • Wouldn’t have it any other way! The dynamic of a co-ed team is vital to TNT being an organization that promotes more kids on bikes and strong minds and strong bodies.

    • Although our male riders do outnumber our female riders, our gals have been some of our most successful and accomplished riders - two have won Nevada League Championships, with many, many others on podium finishes. And on our traditional rides, our girls are just as formidable and enthusiastic.

    • TNT does recognize the value in a balance in these numbers and actively works to achieve this, including coordinating rides with Bike Like a Girl.   

  • Are riders able to Graduate to another division team in the middle of the season?

    • Yes. If a rider feels they will be better served at a different level, we will simply have a discussion with the rider, parent and the two involved Program Coaches to insure appropriateness and a seamless transition.

    • If a rider moves to a program that has a higher registration fee, that rider will be expected to pay the difference.

  • What is the involvement of TTUSD?

    • NICA is an interscholastic based organization and VELOcity and Lakers are ”club” teams under TTUSD. Jessi Ernst is the Lakers club sponsor, and Sarah Krammen is VELOcity’s.

  • Are riders from non-TTUSD Schools in our area eligible?

    • Anyone wishing to join TNT is absolutely welcome. However, if a rider wishes to join NICA, they need to be affiliated with a TTUSD school.

  • How can I Contribute to TNT?

    • Thank you for asking!! ;)

    • TNT incurs many expenses, yet we try to maintain minimal fees for our members. We achieve this due to generous financial, equipment and time contributions. These contributions have provided us with bike equipment and tools, trail maintenance tools, portable gas BBQ, TV for skills videos, utility trailer, helmets, flyers/posters, apparel, IT needs, safety equipment, rider scholarships, education and training, legal documentation, adherence to regulations, registration for leagues and organizations, offset coaches expenses, etc., etc., etc.

      • TNT is also critically dependent on volunteers. Coaches, coordinators, team parents are always very much in need. No matter how much time you have or what skills you possess (on or off the bike), we’d appreciate your participation!

      • TNT is a non-profit (501c3) organization, so financial contributions are tax deductible.

      • Equipment contributions. It’s very nice to be able to provide equipment when the need arises. If you have something worthy, please consider donating it.

      • We greatly appreciate Financial Donations. This is a very important component to us covering our expenses.

      • Consider becoming a team sponsor.

      • All donation info can be found on our website at > DONATE

  • What are the Requirements/Expectations of TNT riders?

    • TNT is all about having a good time. Sure we get in shape, make friends, learn about our area, and develop skills, confidence and fitness along the way, but enjoying ourselves it key. So our requirements reflect that.

    • Personality requirements: Good attitude. Want to be on the bike and on the team. Try. Push yourself. Get out of your comfort zone (physically, emotionally, socially, etc.); Be curious. Be respectful.

    • Be familiar with TNT’s Mission, Vision and Values. See…>About Us

    • Be familiar with TNT’s Code of Conduct. See…>Resources

    • Complete Registration

    • Each rider is required to volunteer five hours toward trail stewardship each year.

  • What are the requirements of TNT Parents?

    • Be supportive of your child's endeavors and interest in TNT and mountain biking.

    • Parents are asked to contribute five hours volunteering for the team. This can be trail stewardship, volunteering at races, organizing events, arranging fundraisers, transportation, or get creative and propose something else!

    • Be on time - both dropping off for rides, and picking up.  

    • Become a part of the team, either officially or unofficially.

    • Ensure your child is adequately prepared and review Code of Conduct with them.

  • In what Trail Stewardship projects is TNT involved?

    • TNT has collaborated with Tahoe Donner Association and Truckee Trails Coalition to adopt and help maintain trails in our area.

    • TNT has adopted the portion of the Emigrant Trail from Donner Camp to Prosser Creek. We will need to invest a lot of sweat equity to keep that very popular section of trail in top condition! Parent involvement is not required, but is certainly encouraged.

    • For more information, please visit>Resources, then scroll down to Outreach and Stewardship

  • Is There Community Support for TNT?

    • Without question!! TNT receives support from a number of local businesses, including bike shops, building contractors, graphic design shop, food supplier, coffee shop, law firm, community organizations, advocacy groups, nonprofits, mtb expedition and training organizations, etc.

    • We also collaborate with Truckee Ranger District/Tahoe National Forest for trail maintenance and development.

    • Tahoe Donner Association is very accommodating with access to their trail network and retail facility.

    • Please visit our sponsors page and show your appreciation to these generous organizations.>About Us>Sponsor

  • Does TNT offer Financial Assistance?

    • Yes. TNT believes that anyone who wants to ride a bike should be able to. We have assistance available on an individual basis. Please go to…>Resources and scroll down to Athlete Sponsorship

  • What other Disciplines does TNT offer?

    • TNT currently only offers Cross Country and Enduro opportunities. However, we recognize there is an interest for more diversity. We are looking at all cycling disciplines, but we are currently focusing on the prospect of adding Cyclocross and Downhill.

  • What Apparel options does TNT offer?

    • TNT will include a TNT T-Shirt and Ball Cap with 2019 registration.

    • TNT jerseys and not required for rides or Enduro events. However, we have a great looking freeride-style jersey and other items that you’d look great in! 

    • Apparel info for TNT, Lakers and VELOcity will available on our website as soon as it becomes available for purchase.


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