Our Sport program is geared to meet multiple rider philosophies and goals. While riders in this program will ride many of the same trails as the Race team, their primary focus is not necessarily on competition and racing. The Sport objectives are catered to the rider who is looking to simply enjoy being out on a bike, passively advancing their skills, confidence and fitness, or for the rider who has recently graduated from the Devo Team and is actively working to develop their skills, confidence and fitness ahead of moving onto the Race team. While some will use our Sport program as a stepping stone to becoming a more well-rounded and conditioned competitive athlete, others will utilize it as a great opportunity to discover new trails, make new friends, and get some exercise.

A few trails and rides the Sport Program will feature: Euer Valley, Jackass Ridge, Western States, Flume Trail & Negro Canyon


Program Coaches: coach appointments pending

Program Pricing:  $175 annually - includes 2 weekly rides from spring through the fall (weather-permitting) with monthly destination-based adventure rides and invitations to TNT ride camps, TNT T-shirt & hat